Shop Pictures

Marty Lynch

Jul 17, 2017
Eureka, IL
This might be a good thread to ask:

Given the time affluence I now have, I keep looking at my shop table. I think it's just like yours; it was here when I arrived, works fine, yet could stand to be replaced if I ever find the time. Well, now I have the time. Does anyone have shop table solutions/suggestions? I should mention that I'm especially looking at building one that rolls.


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2019
Searching YouTube will bring up more ideas than you'll likely have time to sort through. Here's one example that looks pretty good to me (though I am not so much of a fan of MDF myself--I might use plywood instead):

One thing that I've made some attempt to do in my modest basement home shop is to have as many tools and surfaces at the same height off the floor as possible. It's nice, if practical, to be able to move a roller stand from the table saw to the router table to whatever without having to adjust it's height, or at least only need slight tweaks.