shopping time


I'v got a teacher here with $400 to spend on a PA system. He got the money in an insurance thing and wants to spent it on PA rather than a bass amp. I need suggestions on brands and stuff like that. He's a mean teacher, so helping him out is good for him and me. You know how it goes. Thanks.
$400 won't get you crap. Sorry to be so blunt.
I agree, you're better off buying the bass amp. However $400 is nice for some microphones. Would be nice for cables, cd player, stands, furman units, adapters, etc. But not a system, you can't even buy two decent speakers (that could actually fill a room larger than a conference room)for that price. Hate to burst your bubble, but it's the truth.
An entire system? No, $400 simply isn't enough. However, the $400 will go a long way to improving the PA system(s) that you already have by purchasing better mics, extra cables, EQ's/dynamic processors, etc.
there is almost no way(legal way that is) to buy a sytem for under $400, I would buy a good amp instead!

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