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Jun 18, 2017
Eastern Victoria Australia
Good Evening,
We (our Jr theatre co) are mounting Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr and are considering using projections on a cyc for background/drop.
The distance we can mount a projector from the cyc is about 7m (23ft) at a height of 6m (20ft) and wish to project an image that is about 13m (43ft) by 6m (20ft).
Is there such an animal that will do this and overcome the brightness of the lighting or am I wishful thinking.
Once I know what to look for I will canvas the local (Melbourne Aust) companies for hire of such items.
Thanks for reading



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Aug 15, 2008
Given the dimensions (13:6), trying to do this with a single projector will leave a lot of lumens on the floor. Consider stitching the image together with 2 or more projectors. Ambient light control is going to be important, as is blocking the action DS.

There are many projectors that can handle the throw distance/size with the right lens. See what's available locally then use the throw calculator at Projector Central to get a sense of what it can do. Here's an example:

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