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Are Floor Mic's useful or do they just pick up stage noise

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Ok for once i have a question

i WAS doing a performance (just a Orchestral one)

we were using two shotguns (silver)
and one (black)

when i attepted to set them up the black one had to use Trim (like all mic's)

but the two silver ones ALWAYS FEEDED without any trim (or gain)

also Shotguns have little switches on them what are they for


i have used these mic's before with sucess
The little switches could either be a pad, or it could change the pickup pattern. Or it could be an on/off switch. I would add a pad to the silver one. You also may want to adjust mic/speaker placement.
Are you sure they were shotgun microphones? I was under the impression that shotgun referred to the pickup pattern, being fairly precise and a small angle, not the shape of the microphone itself. Many of my students think that the shure sm81 is a shotgun, when it is indeed a condenser mic, not a shotgun, and has a very different pattern.

Just as a shot in the dark, the SM81 has a switch on it that is frequency response. It can have a flat response, roll off very low end, and roll off a lot of the low end. It also has a ring around the top of the mic, which say 0 and -10. This is a little gain adjustment.

It would probably help us figure it out if you could tell us the model number and brand of the microphones.
how close together were they comparatively to your source? If you place them too close together to each other you will get no gain and tons of feedback.. You have to toss one out of polarity to have them work together side by side... Also on shotguns--best to set your HPF to about 250-400hz to reduce room noise...


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