Show Cancelled in Upstate NY


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The last performance of the Norwich High School Musical Club's production of The Music Man was cancelled today due to flooding in the Norwich, New York and Chenango County area. If possible they are going to try and reschedule the last performance for this coming Tuesday.

I've put some photos of the flooding on the web:

I was just getting ready to leave to go run the lights for the last performance when we got a phone call that it had been cancelled. There were many people upset when I arrived at the school but the cast cheered eachother and the director up by singing some songs from the show. Hopfully we will be able to make up the last performance on Tuesday night.
Wow, you guys took got it bad, part of Endwell(where my school is) flooded(the part that floods yearly) so who knows what will happen!
It's been seriously raining here in western MA for the past several days. There are all kinds of flood warnings posted, lucky for me my house is on top of a mountain, but my school is down the valley, although it is right under a dam, so it is safe until the dam lets out (kinda unlikey). However, all the rain has managed to cancel at least one thing: The practice session for the local canoe races! (of all things!)

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