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I represent a community theatre and we do an opening musical every September which has always consisted of a MD and 6 to 12 piece band/orchestra. This September we are doing Spamalot and the MD and D are discussing using Show Ready and Stage Tracks from Show Go in liu of live instrumentation.

Has anyone experience with these or similar programs? I read one thread here that wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement ( link below), and it seems reviews on Google and such are nonexistent. Since that thread is a couple of years old, I thought I would start fresh. I'm interested in software ease of use, software stability, technical support and ease of communication related to getting going and resolving any difficulties along the way, basically any feedback or information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The software works well enough and allows for some tailoring to your specific production.
Tempo and pitch changes, cuts, number of vamps, and so forth.

Just used it for our production of the Addams family. Quite happy with the results.

I'd type more, but I've got to go!

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I have worked at theaters that have used those and other versions... the best I found was an MD who recorded all the parts using virtual instruments and then used Ableton to perform in rehearsal and during the show through a series of midi controllers. Complicated, but very cool.

That same theater has since opted to go back to a live orchestra, even if it means a smaller orchestra to save on the budget. This is what we found... a canned orchestra lacked that spark of live theater and performance. An orchestra can breathe with the cast, if the energy is high the orchestra can really push, if things are dragging the orchestra can pull everyone back together. A "CD" even if it's one of the fancy made for theater music boxes, is still that. It's the same. Every. Time. Sure you can make small adjustments on the fly, but it's still a machine.

See if you can "audition" the software the same you would the orchestra and then make your decision on which is of more artistic value... and if it's a money issue depending on where you in NJ you could likely get enough volunteers or local college students that you can pay in sandwiches and coffee that you could still get a better "performance" out of them than a computer.

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