Simple CAD for scene setout

Robert F Jarvis

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Apr 8, 2017
Sebring, FL, USA
I want make some simple drawings for an even easier small stage production. I've been using FreeCAD but the learning curve is bogging me down. Again, this is not for detailed construction but merely to draw some tables, flats etc. for a small stage to show my ideas to the director. Any software come to mind?


CB Mods
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Jul 27, 2006
Portland, Or.
I used SketchUp for years to help Directors and other visualize sets and scenic pieces. Trimble has made it more more difficult to use the cool features by either locking them up or limiting them in the free version < open to all> but you can get a student addition and the subscription price isn't too bad.
Most CAD programs are extremely similar in the abilities it just that everyone has a different layout to commands.
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