Simpler might be better sometimes


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Ok, so, this group rents out our theater for a few days, about an hour before the first (and only) rehersal, I find myself as the LD. So, during the rehersal, I'm still finding out what the director wants for lighting. So, I stay late, focusing, and come in early the next day to finish focusing and programming.

About an hour before the first performance, I still had to focus a red wash to make it seem a little spooky. I only had a few S4's on the FOH catwalk free, plus a few circuts on the grid electrics. So, use those 4 s4's for downstage, and in a fit of "good enough", put two fresnels on the grid electric to light upstage. It turned out much better than I thought, and everyone really liked it

I forgot to take a pic of the electric, so this is an older pic, but here's where I hung the fresnels. I had them on the electrics furthest back, as onstage as I could get them. There's an old fresnel right in the spot I had it, and the same thing was SR.

Sorry if it seems like I'm tooting my horn, but this is only my second show as LD, and I'm a little giddy. That, and the pic didn't turn out quite the way I wanted.

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