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I am trying to write simultaneous running cues on an ETC Ion board and not getting anywhere. I tried to write a cue with just the cyc channels and have it run during the scene. Then I tried to write cues and select specific channels that did not include the cyc channels before recording the cues that would run while the cyc is still running. I is a long cue. I am doing something wrong. Will someone please veer me towards documentation or video that may be of help.

Also, I have not been on Control Booth in a while. This is my third attempt to post this question. When I type in the Thread title, the text box for the question goes away and I see a list of threads. I cannot figure how to get to the text box so I am just enter in the box first. My apologies if I am able to post the thread without a title.

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Based on what your saying I can only make some guesses. It sounds like the cyc is stored in multiple places.

Some of the most common issues people have when dealing with multiple cues is the mode of the board: Cue Only vs Tracking

This is epecially problematic with multiple cue lists. If you aren't familiar, consider looking at the chapter 3 section of the proficient ETC training:
If it's one cue stack, consider placing blocking. Chapter 7

What do you mean by "simultaneous running cues"? 1 cue stack, with multiple cues running? as in delay, follow cues, or parts? Or multiple cue lists?

Without more information, it's hard to narrow down

Depending on which version of EOS you are running. you can try the following:
  • let's say your first cyc is channel 11.
  • go into the first cue that has the expected look. hit [About] [11] [Enter]. It should tell you where that information is coming from (what cue, cue lists, sub, etc.).
  • repeat for each cue until you have the wrong look, and that should tell you where the problem is starting.
Let me know if I'm getting this correct- you have a single cue list that you've recorded a base scene look, and then you recorded a cyc change look that should take x number of minutes. In the meantime, you've started recording subsequent interior changes; say for actors moving around the scene. Yes? If so when you were recording new cues after the cyc change look has it been while the cyc change cue is still actively running? If you RECORD during the playback of a long cue you're going to record the cyc channels as well as your manual (red) level channels at whatever value they have progressed to. There are a few ways to go about not having this happen. The first is GO TO CUE (cyc starts its change) and record your new cues with the cyc already in its complete state. When you go back and run things from the cue where the cyc starts its long change it will playback correctly. You can fix your subsequent cues if you've already recorded from the cyc change to allow it to fade normally by going to the first change cue after the cyc move and @-ENTERing the cyc channels to bring back the levels from the cyc cue and doing an UPDATE THRU to update the information to each of the subsequent cues. What you'll want to see data wise is the cyc channels in Magenta color at what will be the finished look.

Finally, if you want to record while the cyc change cue is running, use RECORD ONLY to record new cues. RECORD ONLY stores only manual levels (red levels) so it won't capture the current state of all channels (which is what RECORD does).
Above is absolutely right, and will allow what you want. If you're recording the cues in order, whether you'e in tracking or cue only mode won't matter - it's only if you start recording cues out of order that this might trip you up, but you can go back fix things afterwards as @jglodeklights suggests.

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