Small Budget Showcontrol


Oct 21, 2017
United Kingdom

This question has probably been around before but I work at a college and we are thinking of putting up a little bit of a scaremaze using push button and sensor triggers, we have the lighting, smoke, sound, audio, sensors and push button equipment however we just need a show controller to link all that together. Unfortunately because we are an education establishment we dont want to spend loads of money on a show controller that we won't use again.

So my question is basically is there any show controller that are solely program based rather than hardware based, as the one ive looked at such as Medialon and WinScript cost mega bucks! I have a W&T WebIO that doesn't have modbus TCP however it does give a TCP signal so I've managed to use Medialon Offline editor to make a connection via the Low Level Communicator TCP Client which works fine as I can use midi & QLab to control sound and lighting but like I've said we cant really afford the hardware.

Is there any softwares that will communicate like the Medialon and communicate so my push buttons and sensors can trigger dmx (lighting and smoke) and audio for a smaller cost?



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