Small moving head recommendations


Nov 2, 2011
Marlborough, MA
Hi all. I've got a couple of (corporate and university) studio lighting design projects going for which one client wants some movers, for gobos and possible cyc fx. Looking for suggestions for a spot/hard edge/profile (whatever you want to call it, not a wash) moving head. Smallish studio install. Req's:

Physically small (10'6 grid height)
Gobo wheel for user-replaceable custom gobos
Full color LED, at least RGBW or A
Very Quiet - this is important and rarely listed in mfr. specs
Reasonably Wide (30 degree plus-ish?) due to short throw distance
Doesn't have to be too bright, larger of 2 stages is only 30x30
Don't need shutters

I'm wading through the manufacturers but thought some of you might have had similar requirements in the past...


Michael K

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Oct 23, 2015
San Jose, CA
Plan on getting demos or doing a shoot out, preferable in the space, before you and the costomer deciding on a unit. What price range are you looking at? There are a few different fixtures in smaller form factors, mostly with subtractive CMY color.

Based on your listed specs I would recommend giving ETC's Releve a good look. It has an RG-Indigo-Lime (simmilar to Corsource deep blue), zoom out to 54 degrees, 5 interchangable rotating gobos, and a very nice animation/breakup wheel that smoothly transitions through a few different patterns and sizes. And it's super modular and user serviceable to boot.

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