Control/Dimming SmartPack Wallmount Units With Link Power Supply


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Install of SmartPack Wall Mount units with Link Power Supply

I am wondering about the install of a few wall packs we are receiving soon.
I was handed the list today and needed a bit of clarification.
We are getting 2 SL1210W-LPS Wallmount Racks w/ Link Power Supply.
First, Will a straight Cam 2AWG Feeder be all we need to power one.
The Second question is what is the Link Power Supply feature exactly? Does that mean the upstream pack will power the downstream?
Thanks All.
The Link Power Supply is used for SmartLink stations:

You should only need one of them per SmartLink system, so I'm not sure why both racks would have them included. If you're not using SmartLink button stations, then the power supply serves no purpose.

Also, the SmartPack Wallmount is a permanent, hardwired device. There are no connectors for input or output, and you will most likely need the services of a licensed electrician (not the theatrical kind) to install it.
Hi Clay,

I think this question was posted over at ETC and it looks like we got the same answer again. Does this mean that you don't have what you need? If so, let's talk a bit more.

Here's the installation manual from the ETC website. Please read through it. If it doesn't make sense, then certainly calling an electrician would be the best thing to do.

Do note that these are installation racks and require conduit with wire pulls to feed them and to connect to circuits out to outlets/fixtures. Please explain what is meant by a straight cam 2AWG feeder. Since there will be no CamLock connections on the packs, are you asking if 2AWG is a suitable size feeder? If so, the wire size is determined by several factors including number of wires in the conduit, voltage drop through feed based on load and distance, size of feed breaker, load on pack, etc.

The Link Power Supply is used to power SmartLink wall stations. The power supply card mounts in one of the packs.

Let me know if you need more help.

Thanks, David,

It's not that I didn't get the info I needed, I was just under pressure from my boss to learn everything I could about the packs ASAP. We have figured it out and I thank all parties involved for the answers. Especially the congruent answers from the ETC folk!

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