Smoke Machine Fluid Dilution


Had a quick search of the other threads on this, couldnt find anything, so apologies if it has been discussed before.

I have a smoke machine that runs on JEM ZR fog fluid. I have heard a rumour that this fluid can be diluted up to 50% with ordinary tap water, with the intent of maintaining the same smoke volume output, but reducing the density of particles (particularly with smaller stages/venues).

Can anyone confirm if this is possible ... and does it have any adverse affect on the machine (lifespan reduction, rusting etc)?
Most fog machines tell you in the instructions to clean them with distilled water, so i think if you diluted the fog juice with distilled water you should be fine. you dont want to use tap because all the minerals can build up and kill you're machine.
What kind of machine is it? I would call the manfacture to check with that, I know that can really mess up Le Maitre machines if you do that.
Riff Raff - yeah I had that thought about the minerals in the water causing a build up and blockages.

Footer - It's a Geni Atmosfog (1200 watt) if that helps at all ... but you are probably right, a call to the distributor is probably best.


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