Smoky Effect


For the musical "Oklahoma", I am in charge of designing the set for the Smokehouse. It is supposed to be very dark and grim to contribute to the ick factor of Judd's character. How can I make it seem somewhat smoky in appearance? I wnat to achieve this with painting as much as possible. Thanks, NATE
We did this for a show I worked on over the summer. We took one of those air-powered painters and just lightly wnet over the odd bit of the set so that some parts were slightly gray. Mind you, we supplemented this with the hazers, so I'm not sure if that would work satisfactorily on its own.
Ya, I like Simon's idea, and might also suggest not going with solid colors eather. If you have a wall or something, make the color get a bit lighter and darker as you go from area to area. (maybe can be achieved by a primary coat of black sploches surrounded by gray fading to white with the wall color fairly lightly painted over) I dont really know though, I am not a set designer by any strech and I havent even taken a single art class in HS (except band all 4 years). That's just the idea that pop's into my head.
thanx 4 the ideas
I would say think more than smoke. Judd lives in the smokehouse, right? so, yeah, there is smoke. but there would also be a significant amount of soot and ash... smudge some things up with dark grays and black. not too much, but enough to give the impression of soot and smoke damage. it might work to put some of your darker color paint on a plastic grocery bag and smear it over your surface... just a thought
You could take a leko with a break up gobo and mount an empty colorwheel in the front with a very very slow turning motor. The result would slight movement of the light on the set such as varying amounts of smoke traveling infront of the light source.

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