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I posted about this over on LN but I thought I'd bring it up here as well. I'm about to start working on a show involving a Chauvet SM-150X snow machine, and I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to get the most out of it without it looking silly. I'm in a theater, and was planning on putting it on one of the galleries (SL or SR), but am concerned it would look funny with snow coming from only one side of the stage.



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Used to install them above the stage. Just necessary to put a cut away tub to catch the drips. Different brand of course but same type of thing in putting the bubbles where wanted. Not much throw thus the tub concept.


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I have one of these units, but seldom use it. It is definitely very loud.
Also, it will absolutely leave a slippery soap film wherever it lands, so this must be taken into consideration when placing the unit.
--John A

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