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Where could one get cheap 12/3 SO cable for making extensions? I haven't looked around much, but how much would I expect to pay for a roll of 100 feet or so? And how cost effective is it compared to just buying made up extensions?
AVGuyAndy said:

12/3 SOOW

SOOW will work fine.

Anything "SJ" is not legal in this industry according to code. I don't think you'll have any problems though.

Making your own extensions is better, and cheaper in my experience.

Make sure you buy black cable. I beleive the link I posted is for black cable.

I was led to believe by a TD friend of mine that SJ is appropriate for areas where there will not be any traffic, ie... hanging on a baton, etc. If the wire is going to be on the ground with the possibility that somebody will step on it, then SO was what you needed. Please tell me he was correct, otherwise I'll have 2000' of SJ extensions that will be worthless (the SJ is 12-3).
Without pulling out my NEC book (the web link didn't work), I know that the only time SJ is allowed on stage is when used in a 2-fer and/or in a multi circuit breakout. Can't remember if there's a length limit though...

3' is the maximum limit. For class A stages - normally a school, that's about the extent of use of SJ on stage.

Other places allow it as long as supported by truss or in other limited locations. Officially you are not allowed to do a cable drop from the truss to the ground with it since it's now unsupported, or run it along the floor. Or at least this is my interpetation of what the code says. Not that even I follow that part of the detail.

Stages have a very specific type of cable required for use in it. For the most part it's not type SJ or rough service - junior jacket. Must use the Extra Hard Usage or types SC or W which is feeder cable in large sizes.

Buy a copy of the NEC. Some of the books are very reasonable. Just make sure you buy the full code and not the changes, illustrated or simplified versions of it. Such versions do not give much detail to the entertainment sections of the code. If you have the cash, buy a Handbook version of it. Very good text which goes into more detail about the how and why of the code. You can also join the NFPA and as a member have access to the on-line version of all of this plus vote on the changes to it.

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