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So good to find you here!

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by lnewhouse, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. lnewhouse

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    Hi out there - I'm a one-stop-shop drama teacher at a very, very small school district, and I'm often the only voice for theatre. I just found out that our small stage is due to be refinished (which is good, right?) but they want to put a nice shiny Bball finish on it. I promised the head of maintenance that I would send him some info on a black finish, so in my search for it I found you! I really need to give some "expert" info, since my degree and experience are evidently not quite enough for them. Oy. They really don't understand that a stage is a work space. Can anybody steer me in the right direction, or give me an expert opinion I can share with the district?

    They also said if I didn't remove the flats, costumes, props, makeup, black boxes, etc., they would throw it all away or burn it. My kids made those flats and a lot of those costumes:!:

    Thank you, thank you!

  2. derekleffew

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Welcome to the Booth, [user]lnewhouse[/user]. We're glad you've found us too.

    If you haven't found it already, this is likely the most pertinent thread to your dilemma: Typing "stage floor" into the search box also returns many hits.

    Sounds as though you have a storage issue, but few, if any, theatres have all the storage they need. If the scenery/props/costumes/etc. are in the way of the deck refinishers, why not just temporarily move them into the house? It's also a great opportunity to organize and edit your stock. I don't know of any theatres that wouldn't benefit from a good cleaning. Maybe even have a rummage sale for fundraising. Why does this sound like a commercial for the TV show Clean Sweep? Is that still on?

    You'll find many other secondary educators (that doesn't sound quite right:rolleyes:) on here to offer advice. See the social group: ControlBooth - Theatre Educators. (We haven't quite figured out what to do with Social Groups yet; maybe you could help us with that.)

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