So we we did this Gala....


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So we had the big Gala this weekend. Season announcement / auction fundraiser / donor appreciation dinner / 25th anniversary season kick-off party, all rolled into one. I could rant for about two hours if you want and who knows I might start a blog just as a way of venting. Here I’ll just give you the Highlights. Thursday I call Penske to rent a 14ft. truck so I can haul crap over to the venue. Penske is all out of trucks. Well this has happened before, I call on Thursday they say they don’t have any I call on Friday no problem they have 20 in stock. No luck, Friday no truck. Hmm ok maybe I can use personal vehicles that various people have to haul stuff. Friday night, My wife says,” Wait I have class tomorrow.” Ok, I’ll take the kids with me, it’s a big room lots of places for them to run around and not be underfoot. One of the organizers calls me to ask if my son will be in the “show” part of the gala. Hmm ok I say. My son is game, but of course that means he’s going to be there from 8:30 in the morning ‘till I finish striking at 12 midnight.
Saturday morning three guys show up late, Oh yeah and none of them drive, they all ride the bus into town. So now I have to shuttle them all over to the venue along with my kids and all the crap I can cram in the back of another staff members Dodge Dakota that he leaves at the theatre for our occasional use. 3 trips back and forth later and I finally get to the venue with all crap in tow. It’s 11:30 , I had planned to be done installing by 12:00 noon. Luckily some of the guys have been working and they have gotten most of the stages setup and as much dressing as possible and the sound system is complete, oh yeah and the confetti cannons are rigged to the truss. Then I get told by the venue folks that although there are S4’s all over the truss and 12 of them surrounding the room focused on some murals, that
Him, “no we don’t move those.”
Me, “but I need light on those stages”
Him, “I’ll hit them with the VL1000’s”
Me,“ no I want to use those for special effects. Oh and by the way put those cannons on a non-dim
Him, “a what ?”
Me, “ Oh Sh*t!”
I knew I was in for an interesting night. Ok long story short, after a million other little emergencies, it’s 6:15, my son is doing his thing in his little scene, everything’s going great, Van’s finally going to go take a break. So I walk down 6 flights of stairs because I want to relax. I walk out the front door find an isolated spot so I can feed my addiction, yes, I’m stupid and still smoke < kids don’t start everybody else stop, I almost have.> As I lift the cigarette to my lips I hear over the ear bud “Uh what was that?” “ Well…. Umm Hmmm .. Van said if they got any voltage they’d go off.” So I key my mic, “guys did the confetti cannons just go off?” , “ Yeah” , “ Oh , Ok.”
So the big finale after singing Happy Birthday is shot to hell. $152.98 to rent them for the weekend, $34.00 worth of confetti and a $500 cleanup fee charged by the venue to pick-up the confetti.
The rest of the show went fine. My son was great and we had a great son and dad day/night. He got to hang with pretty actresses, impressed the hell out of Marv and Rindy Ross, < used to be Quarter Flash for those of us old enough to remember> as his part of the gala was to introduce their show which we are doing next year.

God Please don’t let him grow up to be an actor.


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Gotta love it when people wreck the money shot (insert bad porno reference here).


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And here I was thinking this was site for teenagers...

And that must have sucked Van...
Speaking from experience, teenagers know what porn is. ;)

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