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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, Feb 24, 2008.

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    A (brand name which has become generic like Leko™) type of connector. Website. The origin of Socapex (which is a french name) is :SOC.iété AP.plication et EX.ploitation du procédé ponsautl. Other manufacturers of compatible connectors include Litton-Veam, Lex, Link LKS, and Kupo.

    The three most used Socapex SL61-series (or Socapex-compatible) connectors, in order of popularity, are:
    1. Socapex #419 AR. Used for the distribution of power to lighting instruments, the 19-pin, allowing for 6 circuits. Can supply either 120V or 208V depending on what the male is plugged into and what breakout is plugged into the female end. Often wired with 12/14 cable, whereby the 6 grounds are bussed together on wires 13 & 14. The center pin, #19, is unused.
    See for pinout. ChristieLites and Strand have an alternate pinout:
    The "normal" way:_____The "ChristieLites and Strand" way:
    Pin# Ckt# Use: Phase:_Pin# Ckt# Use: Phase:
    1 1-LOAD L1 A__________1 1-LOAD L1 A
    2 1-LOAD L2 B__________2 2-LOAD L1 A
    3 2-LOAD L1 C__________3 1-LOAD L2 B
    4 2-LOAD L2 A__________4 2-LOAD L2 B
    5 3-LOAD L1 B__________5 3-LOAD L1 B
    6 3-LOAD L2 C__________6 4-LOAD L1 B
    7 4-LOAD L1 A__________7 3-LOAD L2 C
    8 4-LOAD L2 B__________8 4-LOAD L2 C
    9 5-LOAD L1 C__________9 5-LOAD L1 C
    10 5-LOAD L2 A________10 6-LOAD L1 C
    11 6-LOAD L1 B________11 5-LOAD L2 A
    12 6-LOAD L2 C________12 6-LOAD L2 A
    13-18 GROUND -________13-18 GROUND -
    19 N/C -_______________19 N/C -
    (Phasing may not be accurate for all distros. Some go AB,CA,BC,AB,CA,BC... Others go AB,BC,CA,AB,BC,CA...)

    The "normal" break-out can be used for either 120 or 208, one just has to change the six female outlets. The "other" offers the benefit of passing no power if a 120 is connected to a 208, as the potential difference between hot and neutral is zero (but still 120V to ground!).

    The same 19-pin connector is also used by some audio companies as speaker cable for arrays. When used in this application, all pins are wired straight through, thus the cable provides 9 pairs of amplified signal.

    2. Socapex #37 Y. Another style of Socapex has 7 pins, is often wired with 16/7 cable, and is used for hoist (Chain Motor) power and control.

    From TMB's site:
    3. Socapex #337 P. The third type of Socapex connector, the 37-pin, is seldom seen or used today. This connector provides up to thirty channels of low voltage analog control for dimmers. Pinout at
    [​IMG] Mount

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