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Come on, at least a few of you have use a control program of some kind!


my preferences w/ software

Well, for just vizualizations i like the Martin ShowDesigner, mainly because the demo of it is FREE. but, for control, i'm actually looking at getting an Express 24/48 w/ the Emphasis system. ( integrated wysiwyg, automating patch updates throughout the software, it just sounds goooood. if i ain't got $$, probly Elation's compuware or Martin's lightjockey w/ finger interface. I've worked w/ Chauvet's showexpress, and it's pretty goo aswell.


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I use Vectorworks with Spotlight. Unfortunately, CB rules don't allow me to talk to much about where I got it... ;)

I can only use the 2D plots, but for what I use it for it works well. I am still teaching myself, but if you download a PDF tutorial to help, it isn't the hardest program to learn.

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