Some Brains Upstairs


Thought I would start this topic considering it is a rarely used subject: What kind of intelligence have you used FOH? For example ML's, Scrollers, CMY Mixers, Rotators, Animation Discs? If you have used ML's, which ones? and have you chosen an arc source with CC, or a incandescent lamp to match the rest of your instruments? Hope to get some good replies out of this one.
I have used a gam F/X real for animated cloud effects. Other than that, I have used a couple of Chauvet Legends for a transformation effect in Beauty and the Beast. Basically I haven't gotten my hands on any really good intelligent lights. yet.
I think that if I were to choose, I would use a mixture of Moving Head spots and washes. Like Mac 250's with 300's as long as they were suspended in a way that the 360 degree movement would be useful. If not, I would just go with some really good scanners and maybe a few High-End ColorCommands.
Oh, and I guess it would be a tough decision choosing between arc or tungsten. Arc probably because they are so common and bright. The only drawback is the expense of having to run the lamps throughout the show. I like tungsten because you can turn off the fixture and restart it when needed without trashing a $150.00 - $---.00 lamp.
In a real theater setting, nothing.

I had an arts gala a few months ago when I used 3 color command , and a Color Merge on a source 4.

In the "FOH" position (I put " " around it because we built a stage in a large empty room) I had the Color Merge, and had the Color Commands as back light and up light on a leaf drop that was made for the event.

I am currently looking to get 3 or 4 scrollers for a top light position.

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