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Sound Cue CD madness Alternative

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by stuart, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. stuart

    stuart Member

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    NB Canada
    So ive been seeing various thing on ppl talking about lagless sound cues, so I thought id add my two cents to it. I did a small production one where i had a limited crew, and my sound guy wasn’t very good, so what i did was i took all the music i needed and ripped it into mp'3s then i got a copy of the script in a word document.

    I took the whole script put it in frontpage converted the entire thing into a big web page. then where the cues for sound were i inserted mini windows media player boxes under each cue, so all my sound guy had to do was click the little play button. it worked flawlessly for three nights. with no lag at all, plus i had my entire script on a screen and its color coded, since i had to do the sound mix, and the lights at the same time I could tell the cues apart at a glance.

    Originally i tired to put the page and files on a cd and run it on a laptop, however this was not fast enough, and the lap top didn’t have the rite stuff to run it, so i ended up bringing in my machine and lcd monitor. The entire thing was hooked up with some creative cabling to the line in to a self powered sure board.

    Dont know if this helps anyone but if you have any questions feel free to send me a message
  2. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

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    MA, USA
    Hmm... see my reply to the other place you posted this message...

    (Please try not to double post... it makes it confusing having the same conversation going on in two different places, and dont worry, this place is still small enough that most people read all the posts made anyway (the "posts since last visit" is a GREAT feature that helps with this emmensly))
  3. ralxz

    ralxz Member

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    Seattle, WA
    Very cool :) I never would of thought doing it that way. Would that mean that you adjusted the levels already inside the mp3s?

    What kind of computer did you use running what OS? Considering that a computer could fail at any moment, you have to always tweak them to perfection or use a really expensive computer.

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