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hey once again i need help and i turn to you wonderful people

here is what i need to find

a sound effect of a bird singing that runs for 6minutes
and a really nice gunshot

any suggestions?


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Again I suggest The Freesound Project, tons of sound effects, some are really good, and some suck, but you can usually always find what your looking for, plus everything is free, under a Creative Commons License.

Here is a Gun Shot,
And here is 8 Minutes and 43 Seconds of Birds Singing,

If these don't appeal to you, just do a search, I found plenty of gun shots and different birds.


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Two different effects are the way to go!


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also, check out They have some pretty good stuff. I'll have to look around that freesound site a bit, looks like a great project (and I'm a huge fan of opensource)

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