LMFAO. Those are excellent! That should go with the 'techie primer'
Well I once saw a handy tip to prevent speaker stacks from vibrating loose and falling over if you didn't want to, or couldn't be bothered using ratchet straps.

Now - his suggestion was to paint the top of the first box with tire black and also do this to the bottom of the box that was to be stacked on top of the first one. I think (from memory) that he had done this with some rather large stacks (12ft plus).

One other point - that also made me laugh was that a comment was made that this caused less mess than the residue that gaffa tape leaves! Now we all hate having to wipe down cables but I think that this would be much (much) less of a task than having to wipe tire back off your speaker boxes.

As I am writing this post, I am questioning myself as to whether it was in fact tire black or if it was the sticky grease that you put on v-belts to stop them slipping (no doubt someone will tell me the correct name for this product (Ship may even be able to give me the catalogue number)). Either way, it was some messy goup that I wouldn't be slopping over my speaker boxes!

If anyone (or even the original author) has heard/seen this practice can they either set me straight if I have misrepresented the truth, or even enlighten me as to why this is easier (or cheaper) than using ratchet straps.

I wait with baited breath :!:
I'm gonna have to print out that one about amps being last on and first off...I have an assistant that always forgets the order. Fortunetly he doesn't turn anything off or blow anything up.....but he does bother me with stupid questions about what order he needs to turn off the power amps in. (for those who didn't get the humor in that...there is no order on which amps to turn off, just as long as they're the last things off)
First, not last ;)
Well, you can do what my school does and buy a rack ridder with a delay built in.. Then you dont have to worry about the order.

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