Sound training in High Schools


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I didn't mean it that way exactly. I merely meant that each student gets a finner education in different parts of theater. They never really try and teach every student everything. The word "Master" has many definitions and I was not making a statement toward one side of the word.


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OF course now that I read my last post, I realise I sounded like an ass. My apologies. It is really cool that he does that work with the students and I agree allowing them to focus on one area really gives them a better understanding.
Where I went to HS our setup consisted of a 24chn Yamaha. For musicals we consistently ran 10-20 wireless (combinations of whatever we could get our hands on), 3 PCC160s across the front, and a Mackie (*shudder*) to submix the pit (it was a covered pit) with. Outputs consisted of usually 4 onstage monitors (2 US and 2 DS). We also ran a couple of hotspots in the pit as well as effects mons when needed. House consisted of a mono 3-way cluster. Playback for the plays usually consisted of up to 3 MD players, 3 CD players, maybe a couple of cassette players. Our large theatre had a fully patchable rack (ins and outs) as well as multiple locations where the FOH board could be located to. For talking heads, I became acustomed to running a 6chn. mixer mounted on a wall with a direct send into the house feed. Ahhh, the memories. :)

Jeremy Lyon
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delnor said:
Click the link to see a basic overview(a little outdated we have added alot of stuff since this was made) of Glenbrook south HS's sound system where I attended high school.'s%20Watson%20Auditorium.htm
not to get offtopic, i'll post my school's sound setup next chance i get, however.. Glenbrook South is fairly close to my current school, Hoffman Estates.

Are you still involved in the sound/theatre at GBS? You seem fairly up to date on it, considering i take from your post that you've graduated and moved on by now. ;)

Get back to me, here or through PM or whatnot. I'm curious some experiences of a local sound tech. ;)

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