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I like it, it's about the highest quality board you're going to get out of Mackie (assuming it's the SR VLZ PRO) short of the 8bus or D-8 (or dXb). If they make a large-format Onyx that would be something :D

But... on topic. I used a 24x4 for a show at the SD Rep downtown, worked fine; it's just like their compact VLZ PRO desks, just with extra size and features. The regular op was saying they were having issues with a couple of channel preamps; but this was a pre-VLZ SR24.
SR24 is sturdy board. I've never been a big fan of any of Mackie's pres, but they are definetly one of the most durable boards i've ever used. If I had a choice, I would rather rent a A&H GL series or a Soundcraft. But as I said, the SR is very capable, I liked the eq and the pres were hot enough for my liking. It's an acceptable purchase for some medium sized tours or venues.

good board but what will it be used for, if simply easy not a lot of singing done with it, then i would get it. but if you are looking at alot more singing to run though the board then get a allen & heath, Soundcraft, or a Midas sound board. drop me a line at [email protected]. and i can help you pick the right board for the application you are in.

Derek Gaul
D.M.G. Productions
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Go with the Allen and Heaths, while I dont ahve anything against Mackies I think that the Allen and Heath is much easier to service and use, while the Soundcrafts and mackies are often very expensive to service as everything is on one circuit board, and the allen and heaths are all seperate channel modules.
I like the SR series by Mackie...I've always been a Mackie-guy, great sound for the price. The one I used to work on was the SR24-4VLZ at my old school, and it worked great and sounded better. My high school's theatre has a 1604VLZ-PRO and two SRM450's...the combo is great for a 300 seat theatre. I just finished the annual musical with it and I am still getting comments on how good it sounded by fellow students and staff members. This fall, we will be getting a buttload of money from a grant, and will be installing Mackie's new TT24 digital SR board and a new ETC Express lighting system.

Of course, equipment isn't even close to anything when it comes to good sound in a theatre, an experienced board operator is the single most important aspect.

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