Source Four Revolution


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so my community theatre is thinking of getting some moving lights. the ETC source four revolution looks perfect. i was wondering if anyone has some info, i have all the stuff from ETC's website, but has anyone used one? how are they, any reviews? also, whats the price of them?
It's been reviewed either on stagecraft of Lighting Network - forget which. Both should have links in the link section of the site. As I remember it, it's not looking good for the initial version of this fixture but now that ETC bought out VeriLite if I remember right, they should put out a better product. In any case, do a search on both for the reviews.
The SourceFour Revolution was a part of a shootout in this month's issue of Lighting and Sound America. You might want to check it out.
ok, thanks, ill check that out.
and i know its not meant to be a moiving light. but thanks for saying that anyway.

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