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Sources for Used Equipment

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, Oct 13, 2008.

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    If ControlBooth's Classified Ads area doesn't have exactly what you are seeking...

    Of course there's the phenomenon known as eBay, and in some larger cities, Craig'sList may be viable. Also, save shipping costs by checking with your friendly local vendors (see Dealers for Supplies & Equipment), as many, especially those with a Rental/Production Dept., will rotate their stock and sell off old or un-rentable items somewhat regularly. Other sites, specific to the entertainment industry, are: - Buy, Sell, & Trade Used Stage Lighting & Theatrical Lighting Equipment, a division of 4Wall
    GearSource - Used and New Staging, Lighting, Audio, and Video Equipment, GearSource
    LED Source, LLC, all things LED
    Stage Lighting - Used Lighting, Used Audio, Used Video - Solaris, Solaris Network
    Soundbroker- Used Entertainment Production Equipment, SoundBroker
    LightBroker, (no relation to above) the sales arm of T2K in L.A.
    AVForSale - Audio Visual / Entertainment Equipment Liquidators, by CB member [user]Oldschool[/user]
    PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums: LAB Marketplace
    Earl Girls Used Gear, Lighting, Trenton, NJ New, Used, Wanted equipment.
    Creative Stage Lighting Used Equipment

    Disclaimer: The listing of the companies above is for informational purposes only, and is in no way an endorsement of said companies by ControlBooth or any of its members.
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