Special Effects!!


Ok this might not be the right place to ask this question but I'll go for it anyways....

Ok, so I'm a High School Techie and I do a lot of work for my school as well as various theatres in my area (my days are always full! Woohoo :D 8) ). I've become very interested in Special Effects. When I say that though, I mean more for movie type things then theatre, not just special lighting or anything (yes, I do realize more is done then that, but I was looking at questions asked on this board and they really aren't what I'm looking for). Anyways so my question is.... Does anyone know any good resources that I can look into? Or give me some information on this field of work?

I've always had a liking for this field, I used (still do sometimes) build models and paint miniatures, I'm also a magician and special effects is what they're all about :wink: !

So I pretty much want to know about any field of the special effects category. If you know anything that can help please share! :)

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope I get a response (I’m not sure if I asked the right place, and if I didn’t, does anyone know where I can ask? Like another forum?)

Thanks again, :)
i'm not an expert in the fx field but what i would say to do to get in to it i would go to a theater college like New York City College of Technology, or SUNY Purchase, or some of the many others. to find more look in stage directions they tend to have alist. any way once you complete your degeree you'll have an entertainmnt background now you will be able to go to a fx house like branium, or Jauchem and Meeh or LeMatria or others and see if you can get and internship with them

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