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In a lot of messages, people have been talking about how they used a spot for this and used a spot for that. At our school we rarely use our spots. What do people use their spots for in plays or musicals?
spots can be used for cheap special effects or warming fried chicken from KFC
I rarely use a spot light during plays. During musical's I'll use em to pick up soloists or duets. Now in the concert and industrial industry we use them to pick up everyone.
For a soloist or duet, shouldn't you have a light set on them?
I use it to highlight certain people. As for "having a special area lit for them" yes we should. But i just did Evita at my HS and there is ALOT of moving around where they have to stay lit the whole time. I used 3 spots covering the stage, it worked very well to pick up eva and peron..and che when he decided to make an apperance...
Especially in musicals, a follow-spot, intentionally de-focussed so the beam doesn't have a hard edge, is nice for brightening up the area where the action is, especially if you've got a soloist moving around on the stage while he/she is singing, dancing or whatever. It's even nicer if the spot can be dimmed - you want subtlety, to draw attention to the action onstage, not draw attention to the lighting.

I guess with our spots about 125' from the stage and not that much higher than it, they aren't as useful.
Ours are probably oriented about the same way, atleast a hundred feet from the stage and at about the same height. We used them essentially during every song of the musical this year; as DMXTools said being able to dim them is really nice, we have two outlets in the booth connected to dimmers so we can control them with the board, it really helps blend the spotlights together with the rest of the stage.

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