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Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by dbldland, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. dbldland

    dbldland Member

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    Opinions needed for new followspots for 2200 seat venue with a distance of 170' from booth to plaster line. Currently own Strong ST's which endure much criticism particularly from touring broadway shows. I like the Lycians, don't like Juliets- what else.

  2. SteveB

    SteveB Well-Known Member

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    Brooklyn, NY
    We've been very happy with our Lycian 1293's. Had them 5 years now, 3kw xenon's at 120 ft. They replaced carbon Super Troupers. I could have gone with 2kw, but felt better to have the punch - easier to dim a light then make it brighter, thus I'd recommend the 4kw Lycian to you.

    These units are very nice to run, with a lot of nice thoughtful features, such as the sliding balance weight under the front end, as well as the "DipStick" accessory slot, which is useful for diffusion and neutral density filters that need to park in the entire show. I especially prefer the fact the Lycian has the gel frame assembly mounted in the middle of the front end, not stuck out at the end of the lens assembly as on the Strongs. That was a make it/break it issue for us as one of our fixtures is on a low pedastal. A Strong Super or Gladiator is a LOT longer than a Lycian and was simply too big.

    FWIW, the Metropolitan Opera (NYC) chose 7 Lycians as replacements for their Super Troupers a few years back. To my knowledge, the only issue they've had is burning out iris's due to the fact that every pickup is a head shot at +100 ft.

    As I said, the Lycian is a reliable and well though out machine.

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  3. ship

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    Play tested or stock all three brands, they are all different with advantages and disadvantages.

    First goal is to figure out which fixture for your throw will have sufficient intensity. Than amongst a few models from each brand, what works best for you. 170' is a good distance but there is a lot of fixtures that will either by way of lens choice or in it's intent do this.

    No one choice will be better than what you most like in fixture to use. I for instance curse but love Lycian 1290's. This as opposed to the M2 or even Supertrouper II and even having play tested the RJ fixture. The 1290 is best for me but it's been years in both cursing and loving the fixture. Lots out there in this range, I might recommend going to LDI if not renting or having samples shipped in to play test each and all models.

    Given one follow spot for that range often will cost alomst as much as a new car, there is flexibility in getting stuff on site or at least in a show room to get to know.

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