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Stage Lighting and Sound Design/Technology Assistantships Available

Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by ruinexplorer, Feb 19, 2009.

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    FYI, from the stagecraft list:

    The Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film at the University of
    Nebraska-Lincoln has two graduate assistantships available. Both
    assistantships have primary responsibility and focus in the area of
    lighting design and technology. One of the assistantships has a
    secondary focus on sound design and technology. The other has a
    secondary focus on computerized previsualization and automated
    lighting programming and technology.
    The Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film offers a full tuition
    waiver and a stipend of $8,228 per year. For those students who
    qualify, there is additional funding available including an $8,000
    annual grant, a $4,000 annual grant, and several $1,500 grants.
    Responsibilities delegated to both positions may include supervising
    the lighting and electrics shops, the CAD lab, the sound labs,
    production electrics and sound load-in work calls, focus calls,
    lighting equipment maintenance, sound equipment maintenance, designing
    productions and assisting the lighting and sound professor as needed.
    The Johnny Carson School has recently completed a multimillion dollar
    renovation/addition to the
    theatre facilities. New equipment includes Martin professional
    automated lighting equipment, Chauvet automated lighting equipment,
    Hog3PC setup with programming wing, Vortek computer controlled rigging
    system, brand-new black box theatre/soundstage with multi-section self
    climbing grid, new digital computer controlled sound system and
    recording system in the soundstage, and a brand-new 16 seat CAD lab
    with the following software: AutoCAD, VectorWorks, WYSIWYG,
    Lightwright, Martin Show Designer Gold, Maya, ProTools, SFX, and more.
    To apply please contact:
    Scott C. Parker [email protected]
    Lighting Designer
    Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film UNL | Theatre & Film | Home
    University of Nebraska
    201 Temple Building
    Lincoln, NE 68588

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