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Stage Monitors/patch panel

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by Anonymous067, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Anonymous067

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    At our Hs, i need to run two or three monitors, being used as side fills, to the stage.
    I want to run them off ONE aux on the board, but I want to send them to separate amplifier channels. Although it wouldn't be impossible to switch the operating mode of the amp to mono (vs stereo), is there a config on a patch panel I can make to double the output of say...aux 4? I seem to remember reading something on how to do this..and can't seem to remember. Any ideas?

    My reason for wanting separate amp channels is 1) we have wimpy amps, and I don't wanna lose power by tagging more cabinets to one channel, and 2) I don't have speakon couplers, I have two conveniently placed stage pockets, and the mons need to be 50+ feet away.

  2. DaveySimps

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    This depends on your specific patch panel. If it has a splitter in it, you are good to go. Just take the output of the aux you want to use into the splitter, and then take the multiple duplicate outputs of the splitters into each of our amps (or cross overs).

    If you do not have this option on your patch panel, you can always try to split it with Y-cables, or a with a manufactured splitter.


    Whirlwind / Splitters

    Hosa Technology | XLR Female to 2 XLR Male Y-Cable | YXM-121
  3. Chris15

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    For a line level output going only 2 or perhaps 3 ways, just Y split it. Unless you have totally wimpy output drivers in your console or whatever feeds the split, you'll be fine.

    And for note, W leads are WAY more fun than Y leads.;)

    This all presumes an XLR patch. If it's bantam then you're in for some extra fun because getting 2 cables into the back of a bantam plug will not be easy; it's bad enough with XX Neutrik boots.

    Oh and technically you will lose 3dB off each split leg relative to an unsplit signal, so gain adjustment to compensate may be needed.

    Mileage may vary with unbalanced outputs too.
  4. museav

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    Are the amps located together? It might be a lot easier to just run the one aux to the first amp input and then parallel wire the other amp inputs.

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