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Stage Pin Problem

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by craigstealsheep, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. craigstealsheep

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    There are two lights that have gone out even though the lamps are fine. It might be a dimmer problem, but the people who set up the system never labeled the lights. I think it's the stage pin is bad, but I'm looking for alternatives. Is there anything else it could be? The problem is that there is one bad plug for sure, but there are two lights and they run on different circuits.
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  2. gafftaper

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    First welcome to the Booth! We love new members.

    Your question needs details and correct terminology to get a good answer. That's fine, we love new people and we love to help! However, your lack of correct terminology makes it hard to understand your question. Below are a few additional questions to help clarify what you mean and begin troubleshooting.

    1) Did you plug the lights into a circuit you know works and/or plug a light you know works into the possibly bad circuit so that you can verify if the problem is the lighting instrument or in the wiring.

    2) In your original post you talked about the neutral pin falling out. Do you mean out of the plug that is attached to the light? You can buy new plugs for about $5 at any theater supplier.

    3) Has anyone messed with the patch to your system? Do you know what that means? What brand/model of light console do you have? What brand model of dimmers? Is it an old system with a patch panel?

    4) In your original post you talked about possibly having a bad box? What did you mean by that? If you don't know the correct terms pictures are a great help.

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