stand alone DMX Soft Patch

David Ashton

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One of my esteemed Chinese suppliers are offering a self contained dmx soft patch, now in the past this would have been very useful for up-shifting some lower end gear which only goes up to 128 channels, is this an original product or is there a similar unit on the market, I haven't been able to find anything.


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ETC used to have one in their Response line, and I know Doug Fleenor makes one, but I can't find either on their websites.:(

Here's the Cue-Patch, from Artistic Licence UK, rather pricey though, and does more than you may need.

Would the DataLynx, from Upstaging work for you? Again, probably more than you need.

David Ashton

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Thanks for that information though I could only find the cue patch that does{more than} the job I need and is 10 times dearer than the Chinese one, which would appear to not be a rip off copy but original, so I will buy one and see.

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