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so i typed up this long long post about this, then it got deleted, so this is going to be pretty simple.

so at one of the theatres i work at, im going to be tearing all of the equipment and cables down to check, organize, and clean everything. i was wondering, when you send a fixture into a shop to get general maitnenance, what do they do? what do they check and everything?

the insturments by the way are fresnels and shakespeares.
Do a search for the following key words:

bench focus

As there have been several posts on this topic.

Essentially, you want to clean out any dust and crap, clean the lenses, check the lamp bases for damage (cracked, pitted/burned contacts etc), check the wiring for damage and loose connections etc and check for damaged screws/threads/bolts etc and for corrosion. In fresnels, you also will want to ensure that the running guides are clean and lubricated.

Just a very quick overview and I suggest that you search for these previous posts as there is a lot of good info.
who wrote this?
...the F*** You set screw?
To me it looks like our own resident king of words and master of explainations Ship, or possibly his new competiton?

Is that better?
avkid said:
To me it looks like our own resident long winded Ship, or possibly his new competiton?

I must admit that I am a little surprised by this post.

“long winded” - Is that really necessary?

Many of us prefer to read a response that is thorough and provides a significant amount of detail as opposed to several one sentence responses that when combined still give a less than satisfactory picture.

I will admit that sometimes I skip over his posts but I will always go back later and read them in full. I have a handful that are printed out which I use as references.
avkid said:
To me it looks like our own resident long winded Ship, or possibly his new competiton?

I wasn't trying ot be offensive,I just couldn't find the right words.
yeah, if its too long i skip over and come back later and read it. because of him we swtiched back to FLKs which is for the best in the long run, which i tried to tell my director when he switched to FEL's.
oh and it appears that person just copied off of some resource site.
Interesting - do you happen to know the URL for the original source?
i cant think of an exact site of hand, im sure the person who wrote that atleast followed one, thats way too detailed to just be a post. if not im sure it took them awhile.
Well I think that you could quite easily have put that post together from all the other related posts on this site. I actually wonder if someone took my initial reposne of doing a search on those key words and then combined them.
yea, i searched all the terms you suggested, found articles that could help me, and printed them out. im in the process of going though and highlighting them, then im going to put together a kind of list for what i have to do.
Good idea - I suggest that you post it here and perhaps some of us may be able to refine it further. I am sure that Dave would be interested in making it into a service guide or similar

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