Step By Step 4 Grand MA 3D & Offline

Hi, i have just discovered grand MA 3D and 'ON PC'. I think that these r really good peices of software but i dont know how to use them yet. Does anyone know how to use and if they do, could they use msn messenger to take me through step by step on creating a show. Inaki has started off showing me but he has lots of work to do and cant really carry on with me. Any help would be appreciate.

I used to use that software alot, its not easy untill you get the hang of it.

First you have to build the show, I think it comes with one and you might want to use that the 1st time around but Im not sure. Just throw a few lights on some truss and call it a show.

To link 3d and offline is 90% luck. start offline then 3d, in 3d go [tools]>[MA network]>[start new sesion]
Then if you got good karma you will e able to into 3d click on the red ma network circle and you will see the seasion and can click join. That should get you started but do not be afraid of the mannuel.
is there any1 that can take me through making a show with grand ma 3d and offline that preferably uses msn messenger and has their time close to the time in the UK. If any1 know some1 that can help could they please recommend them to me. Thanks in advance.
i dont think that files are really gonna help me, i need some1 to actually guide me throught he process using msn or something similar. Thanks anyway.
Here's what I can do... I can create a tutorial and have Dave put it on this site somehow. Then all can enjoy how to set up an MA and do basic programming.

Would that help?
yeah that would be great. Can u make it step by step right from the beggining so that even some1 who had never seen a light fixture before could use grand ma by reading it. Man u rule. I am surprised that no1 has ever done this before. Can u post here when you have added it to the site somehow so that we know where to find it. THANKS M8
i know that digitaltec is writing a guide but that could take a while, i am still lokking 4 some1 to take me through it. I would b extremely greatful if someone could come forward and help

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