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Mixers/Consoles Stolen Gear and Yamaha IM8-32

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by silvrwolf, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Downers Grove, IL
    So I am looking to replace a Yamaha GA 32/12 console which was stolen :mad: from a Church in Downers Grove, IL between 12pm on Sunday Jan.11 and 1 PM on Thursday Jan.15.

    If by chance anyone hears anything PM me.

    Here's what happened: I walked into our booth at the church yesterday and discovered the missing console. Oddly enough the persons took the time to unplug every cable and carefully removed the labeling from the board. This is a time consuming task because of the location of other equipment near it. They took all 6' and lbs of it and walked out the front doors without anyone noticing. It seems to me that the people definitely knew what they wanted and were intending to use it again. The care they took to not mess anything else up was dumbfounding. They even coiled up the headphones and put them on a chair. :rolleyes: They could have taken so many other pieces of gear but they didn't. Long-story short, I filed a police report and they were optimistic about the recovery of it. The record of the S/N of the unit has been misplaced. So that being said I have begun looking for a new console.

    I like the Yamaha IM8-32 because it has a semi-similar layout to the GA 32/12(important in a facility where volunteers have already learned on the old console).The IM8 has many more features than the GA all which I like but I am curious if anyone out there has had any bad experience (or good) with the Yamaha IM8-32 like bad grounding or a cheap design flaw, anything that I might want to consider before I buy. I replacement console needs to be equivalent or better than the Yamaha GA 32/12.

    I have a quote for the IM8-32 at $4,200.00 which is a nice solid number for the amount of routing it can do.


    Update 1-20-09:
    The Console was Recovered!!!!!! I got a call Monday morning from the Police Departement, one of the detectives had been checking out the pawn shows in the area and found it in one out in Oak Park. It was back in my possession by 6pm with no damage to the console at all. The channel strips were still set how I left them :)
    Police Rock!
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