Storage of Lamps and Lampholders


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Hey folks,

So, recently I have produced 20x lamp holders on 5M of cable (with a 15A plug) and an E27 lampholder on the end. These are designed for use in a production we are running in early June.

Now that they are all produced, I need some of your thoughts on the best way to store the units as the last thing we want is 20 smashed lamps!

My thoughts so far is to buy a strong storage box (ex., however I’m not sure on the best method for dividing the 20 lamps/lampholders. I guess I could do this with cardboard or even wood...

Any advice or suggestions greatly received, however the aim is to keep costs, efforts and complexities to an absolute minimum. (As ever..!)

Thank you, Tim.

Note; I’m in the UK.


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If you need to keep the lampholders and lamps attached, I suggest PVC or sonotube of the proper diameter, cut to length. Slip over the lamp (on the lamp holder), then use electrical tape or short bungee cords to hold in place.


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Completely agree. I've had sign boards covered in several hundred lamps, as well as stings, on tours. And as annoying as it is to unscrew that many lamps every night, it is the only sure fire way. After all, someone spent ALOT of money determining how that little cardboard box was going to get that lamp to you via truck, plane, grocery store stocking clerk, your back seat....

Lamps in OEM little boxes tossed in a bigger box, and your "fixture" along with the rest of your cable or fixtures.


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You told some but some questions. Assuming pendant lights you made, what type of lamp socket material are they - porcelain or other?

What specific lamps are installed into lamp sockets?

I have done almost 20 years of touring pendant or stringer lights and other types in trying to figure out how to transport.. But that started with a little more info. Yea un-screwing every lamp is a pain, 20x lamps is not as much a pain as often for the sonic tube or foam cut road case etc. Depends on the lamp used and situation. d

Further detail I am now making shock mouted E-39 pendnt lamps with protective aluminum pipe shield that are now bullet/touring proof for shipping concept given a porcelain base. Still have to remove the lamps. But also done the stringer fed into a tube. On the other hand, road cases just to ship PS-52 lamps and in general 24x storage tubs for A-19 and A-21 lamps when shipped.

Depends mostly on what lamp is used, is it a pendant and touring balance of storage best to store lamps separate.


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Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated. Love some of the creative ideas that you get here including the wine bottle boxes - hadn't even passed through my head! I decided to go with a combination of your responses so for now, I have two big strong storage boxes which I'll layer in some packing peanuts and probably put 10x fixtures in each.

Thanks again, really appreciate it. :)


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Pictures on completion and in 6 months? I like these types of projects.


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Sure, I'll see what I can do! The show is running in the last week of June, so should have some photos up sometime in July. :)

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