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Not really storage wars. A friend who buys storage lockers on the side of working in theater recently purchased a 10x10 locker with a bunch of gear in it.

This link is the link to the craigslist ad, where you can also get in contact with them.

Listing below from the Craigslist.

This price is for the speakers, monitors, components, microphones, cables, cases, and sound gear included on this list. (The drums and keyboard in the Google Drive folder of photos are NOT included in this price list; they are listed elsewhere.) This is second-hand equipment in untested condition.

To see more photos, copy and paste this link into your browser:

We will take $15,000 for the entire list at once. Bring a truck with a good lift and a few strong friends!

1KW 75• Active Loudspeaker QSC K12 with soft case $550
1 Speaker wedge EAW LA212 $600

Case A
Power Conditioner & Light Module Furman PL Plus $28
18-Bit Signal Processor Alesis MidiVerb4 $125
Reverberator Yamaha REV100 $80
Dual Mode Graphic Equalizer BSS FCS 960 $440
Sonic Maximizer BBE Sound Inc 882 $42
8-channel Compressor w Noise Gates PreSonus ACP88 $150
Graphic Equalizer DBX 215 $33

Case D (red & beige) - Penn Fabrication
Power Conditioner & Light Module Gemini PL201 $65
2/3/4 Crossover DBX 234 XL Crossover $75
Compressor Limiter/Gate DBX 116XL $70
Analog Stereo 4-way Signal Processing System Yorkville TX8P $182 (this goes with 8 lg speakers listed below)
2-Channel Amplifier Crown XTi 2000 $275
Amplifier Crest Audio CA18 $940

Case B - Calzone
Wireless Receiver Peavey PCX U-12 $40.00
Wireless Mic Receiver Shure SC4 Receiver $20
Diversity Receiver Sennheiser EW100 $75
Power Distributor ETA PD8L $32
Diversity Receiver Sennheiser EW500 $109
Wireless Lavalierre Body mic Receiver Shure UT4 Receiver $35

2-tier double X keyboard stand ProLine $49

Case C - EAW
single Drum mic Shure Beta 52A black plastic case in case C $115
3 drum mics CAD NDM 10, 11, 10 black plastic case in Case C $75 for set
6 drum mics CAD TM211 (4), KM212 (1), CM217 (1) soft zipper case in Case C $90
Surge Protector Cyberpower 425VA $55
3 LIGHTS American DJ 38B LED Pro $65 each
CABLES, CORDS, SNAKES, DIs various $300
Mic Claws LP qty 6 $35

bass speaker cabinet 4x10 Ampeg BSE410H $250

Cases E & F - Calzone Case Co (damaged latches)
Rapco 24 channel 4 return master snake 50-150ft?? $149

Case G-small - Penn Fabrication
Bi-Amp Bass Head component Gallien-Krueger $425
Marcad Diversity Wireless Receiver Shure LX $50
Half Wave Antennae Shure WA380A 2x $25 each

Bass Amp Head Ampeg B5R $395.00
2-Channel Amplifier Crown XTi 2000 $275

Case H (green)
Light Controller American DJ Light Copilot LC100 $35
Light Circuit Breaker American DJ Light Copilot LC8SP $80
junk, cables, clips, extender arms, mic claws $30

Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet SWR Goliath 6x10 $300
wide wedge monitors - 2 Sound Bridge (Texas) 3222w x2 w soft covers $1800 each
Wireless hand mic Sennheiser ew100 SKM100 $45
Wireless hand mic Shure Beta87A SC2 (192-600) 100
Lavalierre Body mic pack Shure UT1-TE $95
4 mic clips Shure, various
4 antennae Peavey 2 long, 2 short (these go with units in Case B)
cables, clamps, high hat clutch various, Tama CL08

Amp component QSC USA1310 $219

console/mixer Mackie SR24-4-VLZ Pro Case K $220

Stereo Power Amplifier component Crown CE 2000 $199
Analog stereo mixer with effects Samson MixPad12 $25
Console Power Supply Crest Audio X Series 5A in Odyssey zipper soft case $90

48 channel mixing console Crest Audio HP848 in giant grey case $2000

bi-amp bass head component Gallien-Krueger Mark II - 1001RB $425

8 passive loudspeakers wedges in soft covers Yorkville TX-8 (50" tall x 26" wide) $1000 each (amp above)
4 wooden cabinet (24x52") subwoofer speakers Yorkville TX8S $1000 each
SOLD - 2 stand wedge speakers EV (Electro-Voice) SX300 $150 each (without stands) - SOLD
2 stand wedge speakers EV (Electro-Voice) SX100 $150 each (without stands)
2 wedge speakers EAW JFX200 $250 each
speaker stands (2?) On Stage Stands in bags $45 per pair

2 pc DJ truss for lighting/ signage, no stands? feet?

woofer cone Yorkville (Italy) 7465 for Elite series, LS800P / TX9S cardboard box at home $100.00
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
JUST A REMINDER: Contact them Directly through the craigslist reply option, I'm just assisting and posting here. Make mention you saw the post on CB, so they won't think your a Craigslist weirdo :)


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Tell him to list the backline, mics, and RF gear on ebay.... the rest is pretty much trash. Those amps might be OK... the mackie and crest consoles aren't worth their scrap value.


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The wireless transmitters go with the the bass rigs and the RF rack "B", he needs to pair those back up as there's not much value in buying an old, loose receiver or transmitter.

Big and heavy, the Yorkies were a nice system back in their day and might be the least overpriced things on the list.

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