Strand 200 compact flash card


My Strand 200 console uses a compact flash card to save programs. My console will allow me to save a show but will not allow me to load a show. I keep getting an error message " CF data error". Strand seems to be puzzled as to what the problem is. They are suggesting it's the speed of the card but so far that's all they've come up with. Any suggetions? Thanks Tom
Might very well be the case. Is it a card you bought at the store? Flash cards come in 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 12X, and 16X, as I recall. You can probably intuit the difference - kind of like your CD ROM drive. Look at the one they gave you and see what speed it is. You'll have to scrounge up a card which is of similiar vintage.
That was quick. I had puchased the card at Radio Shack and I believe it was a 16X. The reason I 'm not sure is because I sent it to Strand to help them solve my problem. If they'd only tell me what speed to use I'd get one but so far nothing. Tom

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