Strand 300 & Movers


Just, curious does anyone know how hard it would be to program a Strand 300 board to use moving lights such as a martin mac tw1 or similar ? I was just curious about how much work it would take to program the board for them. I know the strand 300 console has the ability to use moving light fixtures but I thought I read somewhere that a fixture library file was required to control the lights. And just a side thought do you control the fixture threw multiple submasters so you have one fader for the x-axis, one for the y-axis and one for the light or what ? Thanks, im pretty new to movers and just wanted some input/info about them before a rent a pair.
Using movers on that console is rather easy to set up, but you do not have all the creature comforts that the 500 series has. First, you will need a keyboard and a trackball hooked up to your console (a mouse will also work, though it will be a bit weird). You then need to either make a profile for it or see if the console already has one in it. Patch it, and your done. You have access to all the attributes through "encoders" on the keyboard. Heres a guide to do it, its for the 500 series, but it will get you close. Addendum (with screen capture)V2.8.6.pdf

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