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i went to use the bump bottons wioth all the faders. tuesday they didnt work at all but today they somewhat worked. before the channel or sub only stayed on while it was pushed but now it wokred like a switch: once=on and another=off. i havent changed the setting that i know of and i cant find the setting anywhere.
There should be a “master” button that will either assign the buttons to “latch” or “add”. Now it may not actually say this and on some desks, it is just a LED or combination of LED(s) that will indicate this or on the LCD. I use an ESPII, but I would imagine that it would be fairly similar for Strand desks.

This should be covered in the manual, which can be obtained from their web site:

Just a side note – In Australia, we call them flash buttons
ive looked through the manual maybe i just missed it. but i havent changed any settings to do with the bump bottons. there still at one push and they stay on till pushed agian. i prefer only on while pushed, it easier to find the light im looking for.
Yeah there's a latch function Strand's desks. However, as I recall the latch actually disables teh bump buttosn entirely. On teh LBX is was a hardware function. I believe on the 300 its a software function (e.g. no toggle button).

I believe in your case, you have edited the properties of the submaster. If you goto the subs screen, one of the columsn ( don't reemmber what # it is, sorry) is for sub master mode. If its set to Solo or F+S then the button will act as you've described it.

To access the colums you have to hold down the shift key and then go right wit hthe keyboard. The shift key being the strand logo button to the left of the numeric keypad.
I assume that this is the section that you have read?

GeniusPro and Lightpalette Operators Guide

You can use the {BUMP} softkey to bump the current channel selection in the mode set by the [BUMP MODE] key and associated softkeys.

Press [BUMP MODE] to check the current setting. The settings are displayed on the console LCD.

Note: You can simulate the function of the [BUMP MODE] key on 300 Series consoles by pressing capital V on the external keyboard. The right three softkeys determine the operation of the submaster bump buttons (refer to Submaster section, Section 6). The left three softkeys determines what happens when you press the {BUMP} softkey.

{FLASH} sets the {BUMP} softkey so that the selected intensity channels go to the level set by the Flash Supermaster (refer to Submaster section). If there is no Flash Supermaster, the bump level is 100%.

{SOLO} sets the {BUMP} softkey to turn off unselected intensity channels without changing the levels of the selected channels. If previously set to {KEYS LATCH}, setting the bump mode to {SOLO} will automatically set the submaster bump key mode to {KEYS ON}

{FLASH} + {SOLO} sets the {BUMP} softkey so that the selected channels go to levels set by the Flash Supermaster and all other channels are set to off. If there is no Flash Supermaster, the bump level is 100%.

Seems very similar to the desk that I use, only the status is displayed via two LED’s above the button. Both off, One on, both on etc.
Me? I didn't read anything - I use a strand 300 evvery day, know my way around it fairly well. Strand being the idiots they are didn't put page numbers in their TOC and the index sucks. Their manual frigging sucks unless you plan to read it like a book (as the information is good, just can't find anything in it).

On this desk, there is a light above each submaster fader. If the light is off, no sub is assigned to that fader. The color of the LED otherwise indicates teh type of sub - be it normal, inhibitive, external, a whoel bunch of others. Have a little chart I ran on the color laser one day hanging ont eh wall above the thing.
its not jsu tmy subs its my channels too. i havent used the manual faders in the past todays but thats when i disconvered they didnt work. the only sub function i have changed has been i set up an inhibator sub. under the bump button column it still says flsh.

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