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we have a strand 300 and i updated it from 2.4d to 2.6c last week(i know its not the newest). i loaded it and i cleared the most recent shows and i cleared the old ones. i go to save my show and i saved my general settings and then i go to save a play and it says there isnt enough room. how can i be out of room??
im going to after this play im doing because it clears all my settings, cues and subs. also 2.8 came out a few days after i updated i have them ona disk im just waiting till i finish bang bang your dead.
Have you checked the archives?

You may have deleted the old shows from the memory but the archieves can still be there taking up all your space.
pndoran is quite right.. strand use regluar computer hard drives and they do fill up with crap... after your shows give the hard drive a re-format and put on 2.85. while there may be no visable shows they could still be archieve on there somewhere
id reformat it but i dont have dos on disks. is there another way i can boot in to dos and clear old archieves and then reboot in too strand?
thanks it worked. before i cleard all the old backups i had 18k free now im up too 76k.
if you ever need dos, just do a google there are tonnes of copies of it laying around
does anyone have a l;ink to where i can dl a copy of dos. and secondly if i install it ona my secind harddrive(its a slave) is there a way i can get it to boot?
ps hopefully last time ill bring this topic up.
I'm sure you can find a set ont eh INternet. I have them, but tehcnically you need a license, adn I'm not going to condone piracy or the like by giving you my set.

I don't think that you're going to have any luck with the slave HDD< but, if you poke around int he BIOS (there hsoudl be a button to press right when you power it up), you might be able o change the boot drive. Out of curioisity - why are you doing this?
i agree.. virtual pc is so much easier!

im not sure, i hope someone can correct me if im wrong but microsoft virtual pc comes with dos already, just like a fresh computer possibly... dont know too much about the whole dos, windows, bios stuff but from memory...
i just have an extra harddrive and i would be easier for me to cue some shows at home.
im running xp so at the moment i am unable to use the ole. but as soon as a find a copy of dois for my other harddrive ill use it.
one last question: where could get a desingers remote and how are they?
you would have to email strand about a genuine strand remote, but i know that they have changed over to wireless remotes with palm pilots recently. however you can generally pick up generic remotes for any desk through your lighting hire place or outlet.

again, you dont need it on an external hard drive you simply need virtual pc which emulates a hard drive to the size specified, i emulate a 4gb hard drive which has strand on it and just do all my patch at home and save to floppy.
i finally got an old comp form my school. is there anyway to see what power each dimmer(CD-80) is gving out with the 300?

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