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Hi all, I'm sorry if this has already been covered, but I cant find a link, I am trying to find a Offline editor for the Strand 500 Series thats is compatable with Windows Vista or XP. Does anyone know if one is actually out their/

I would appriciate your help



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Their new editor for the pallate line is compatible with 500 series showfiles. I have never programmed a show on it then imported it into the console, but its worth a try. I do have the editor for the 500 series, it runs inside a DOS emulator for windows and it works, you have to use the keyboard for everything. If you want it, I can try to send it to you or I can attempt to find the link for the download.


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All you have to do is download the console software from Strand's website. It has an installer for the offline editor built in. As Footer said, it is for DOS only, so you would either need a computer with DOS on it, a DOS emulator, or a PPC Mac with VirtualPC running a DOS machine. It also really needs to be DOS 6.2. But it is free to get the Strand software.

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