Strand Anyone???

TechDirector said:
I noticed that recently there have been ALOT of new members to IF THERE IS ANYONE THAT HAS A STRAND 300 SERIES LIGHTBOARD, THEN WE NEED TO TALK!!! If you know alot about the lightboard, then can you explain to me how to setup effects? And also will I need a keyboard to do so? Thank you.

I think we have the 350i series.

You don't really need a keyboard for anything on the console, they set it up so you don't really need it. It's only been useful for me when I was saving shows or naming cues and submasters, nothing really important.

I've done effects a few times, but for me to be able to remember how to do it, I'd have to be at the board. Give me an idea of what you want to do and I'll see if I can help.
Setting basic effects on the 300 series is pretty easy. There are two ways you can do it live or blind. I'll explain the live version quickly, but if you would like to learn the blind way, let me know.

The effects are set up as a series of steps. For example FX 1 could have numerous different steps.(You can have them do different things with those steps: chases, build, etc.). Simply bring up the lights you want for your first step. Make sure you have nothing else up or it will also be recorded into the step. Then hit the Record button, FX button, #(any number that will corresond to the effects number), "."(type a period), #(last is the step number), and finally hit the "*"button. So it should look on the console like --- Record FX1.1* --- Clear the board again and bring up the lights for the next step. This one you'll record as --- Record FX1.2 --- and so on.

This will set up a basic effect for you. I believe the default is to run the effect as a chase in the forward directioin. You can also change other attributes of the chase. To run simply type FX 1 then hit the FX Go/Stop button.
No problem. Any questions feel free to ask. Once you develop some good effects there are cool applications with macros you can use to really simplify live shows.
Sorry for bumping an insanely old topic, but what do you mean by FX? Could you give me an example? It may sound stupid, but I'd like to learn.

FX is shorthand for effects. These include but are not limited to: chases, sequences, and other lighting 'kinetics'. F/X may also include crossfades and intelligent lighting cues such as pan, tilt, strobe, color change, gobo change/rotation, prism effect, and what have you. FX are generally assigned to a cue, submaster, or macro. When I hear the term FX, I think or a lighting chase, such as in a concert;
or an intelligent lighting cue.
Just adding to the previous post - As stated FX means effects and will often include smoke machines, hazers, bubble machines (in the case of Sound, Lighting and FX). or in special FX such as pyro and flame.
I just meant lights, and for the record, I knew that FX=effects, and that special effects often include fog machines, bubble machines, etc. and I also knew what sound effects are, I just dont really understand what kind of supercool lighting effects that TechDirector was planning on using. Could someone give me an example?

Thanks, and sorry for any confusion,

Well excuse me, 'Nick'. I know my lights and FX and am getting filthy rich because of it. How do you like them apples!!!
Well excuse me, Nick. I know my lights and FX and am getting filthy rich because of it.
No need to get like that!!

didn't read the whole post, i have a rather heavy case of apathy at the moment.

However from what i did take in, i think that he means moving yokes and mirrors and lasers and whatever else as "special" lighting effects..

do it for the team guys, many hands make light work and every suggestion, no matter how insignicant it may seem helps!
Ok, how about this then:

What does a "lighting chase" mean?

Is something that flashes certain lights at certain times?

Hey, sorry guys. It was really late last night and I guess I was just in a pissy mood. (late night tech rehearsal). My bad.

To answer your question, a "chase" is a sequence of flashing lights. It may be random or systematic, thats irrelevant. The best practical example of a chase I can think of is a marquee or Christmas lights. A chaser is a device specifically designed to chase lighting. These are most commonly used by mobile Dj's.

Again, sorry for my rudeness.
Thanks for taking my "PMS" lightly.
I guess us creative types are like that.
Its cool, dont worry, and thanks a lot for finally clearing up my confusion :D !

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