Strand JTM


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Anyone remember the old Strand JTM dimmer racks, that take up half a wall and sound like a V8 engine?

Im doing a community show at the moment in a old community theatre, that has two strand Jtm's. Luckily I was able to get hold of an electrical engineer who put a port in so I could use a multiplexer and use my digital desk.

Lately, when I have a state of lighting up, it is a full stage wash that is running about 18 channels at 100% the dimmers will drop out for like a second, so its like a DBO flash, and it keeps happening during the show, and it is becomming more and more regular and a number of people have noticed it (from the audience). I havnt been able to find a fault with the racks, but anyone got any ideas what is causing it, and how I could possibly fix it. Keeping in mind they are using those big old 10Amp fuses...

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