Strand LBX Chase? Having Problems


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So my school has a Strand LBX light board. It is basically my first strand board (I used a little one for one night a year or two ago). I'm trying to program in a chase sequence, and it won't play. I have the manual and have followed the steps exactly (as far as I can see).

I can record in the different steps, and then I select the chase and press FX Go button or whatever, and nothing happens. The FX master is up. Is there something wrong with the board or with me?


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Off the top of my head have you rembered to load the chase onto the FX Go button. It just the same as how you have to load a cue onto the main Go button. I remember it use to be a pain because it each time you turn the board on you have to rember to load the effect.

I'll look in the manual and see if I come up with any other ideas.


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Yes I did load it, sorry I can't provide a more detailed description of what I have done, I'm writing from home, and haven't messed with the chase for a little while. I'd like to use it for an R&B show coming up though, so I have gone back to working on it amidst other things.


It sounds to me that you are doing it right. Double check a couple things. Make sure you don't have a grand master that is down. I cannot remember the colors, but i think if there is a grand master that is not at full all the channels will have a box around them. If the grandmaster is good, double check that you recorded a value in each of the steps. And last thing to check, make sure that channels aren't captured by a cue or something else. I know most of this sound basic, but it's all i can think of without a board infront of me.


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yah, I checked all those things, I'm wondering if it's an internal problem, I get the cue to load, but then it won't play, the lights on the FX section say that it is loaded and ready but when I hit go nothing happens. The one person who has used this particular board more than I have (that I know) is currently away at university, and I don't know when he'll be coming back.

Any thing else that might be wrong?

Thanks for all the help.


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