Hello fellow friends. If you're looking for a great laugh on a Friday continue to read this. OK so I'm completely(as of late November) to the technical aspect of the theater. I've been training on an Ion Classic while we also have a Strand Neo(only first used today by yours truly). Over the past month or so I found myself learning between operating manuals, YouTube, worksheets, etc forums and these forums. So I don't have to say that from greater public opinion I've gathered the ion is better than the neo. However I like to be versatile and I know enough to set-up a show on the ion. So today I plugged in the neo and aside from a couple hiccups things ran smoothly until I had made a username and password(the power of foresight is one I lack). For those who don't know(I didn't) if you enter the incorrect username and/or password once it tells you that somethings incorrect. The second failed attempt it shuts itself down(30 seconds). Then the power switch has to be toggled off and back on (another 30 seconds to load everything). I repeated the power of elimination of username/password combos I thought I may have used. (Powering on the device after every time it powered itself off several dozen times before conceding). I'm not working until Monday but can swing in anytime to try any troubleshooting someone can provide. I can't express this enough, I would be eternally grateful for some resolve. Thanks so much.
I didn't see anything in the manual for the neo. Though it does sound like there isn't a default admin password. So you'll probably have to figure out the password or reload the software. I think your probably going to have to call Strand to see if they can help you out.
Call support. Hopefully they have a backdoor.

However if not here are some options.

The fastest would be to get new software on a stick and reload the software. You will lose your showfile possibly.

Here comes the fun part. You can’t update the software unless you are inside the console software.

First try to get into the boot menu on POST. Mashing F8, F11, F12 or Del. If you get into the boot menu then select the stick and see what happens.

If that doesn’t work then you should download the NEO PC software install it look at the folder structure that the software installs. Next in the software set a username/password up. Check the folders again for a file with the time stamp of when you edited the username/password. Next crack open the console remove the hard drive then install it in a computer go into the files and delete the file identical to the one you found earlier.

If that doesn’t work then there is some more invasive ways to get into the system via some networking hacking but I would try the easy stuff first.
I would wait to contact Strand and hopefully they have secret passwords that will gain access. I'd be surprised if they don't. And maybe think about documenting whatever user name and password you set it too.
In addition to support, I'd recommend trying to hit up the Facebook groups for the NEO. I'm not familiar with the desk, but have extensive experience with the software that runs on it. That said, I have no clue about credentials since I've never utilized that feature of LightFactory. In a pinch you might have some luck trying to find support on the LightFactory page. Martin is a wonderful guy and I've never known him to shy away from helping troubleshoot.
Thanks everyone for their help I've got an upcoming show and have an ion expert coming in to educate me further tomorrow and for the remainder of the week. I'll try to stick around lunch or after work tomorrow and get in contact with Strand. I have a customer support ticket ongoing with signify. But I suspect a phonecall would be most helpful and time effective. I will update on how the matter was resolved.
So I was bounced around customer service a couple times but the issue was resolved. I hope this can help someone if they ever find themselves in my predicament:

Press Windows Key and 'S' at the same time to access control panel.
From control panel go to maintenance tab and click on 'open log file folder'.
Search and destroy file: "sec_users.xml".

Reboot and resolved! Thanks for everyone for helping.

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