strand offline editor and windose XP


hello my school resuntly got a strand 300 console and i was trying to get the offline editor to work and it cepes geting erormesages saing tnt.dll is mising dose aney one know how to fix this
Do a google search. Personally I've never heard of either of those on this site in all the various topics I've read on the subject. I'd say go to google and search something like missing tnt.dll and see what happenes. You can also email / call the company and see what they say. Hell you paid for it they should help you with your problem.

the strand ole doesnt not run on any win nt or above. tehres another topid around here about it. you can you use like virtual pc or an old box with win 98 or lower.
Ouch ... just to say that really sucks. I'm surprised with how many people like must have moved to XP and the fact that some would want to run it off of a laptop or something like that they havn't come out with a sys fix or anything to make it run on XP. Quite surprising to me actually.


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